2019 Winners

1st Place was Alan Pham's Battery Saver Mode

2nd Place was Sophie Scopazzi's Call Me Irresponsible


3rd Place was Evan Haglund's Gumby Takes Out Aircraft


2018 Winners

1st place was Alan Pham's They Were Here


2nd place was the sustainability club (Paloma Vasari's) Sustainable Living

3rd place was a tie between Brandon Lum's Na Pali Coast, Kauai and Peter Traver's Cal Maritime by Air


2017 Winners

1st place. The Edge of Space: Over the Radio Horizon

Submitted by Zachary Harmon. Featuring Aaron Lamb, David Conway, Denek Marshall, Tanner Crowley, Michael Ellis, Brendan Standaert, Gabriel Saldana, Andrew Wilson, Captain Fred Reiman


2nd place. Outta My Element

Submitted by Sam Taylor. Featuring Ben Yuse, Austin Blue


3rd place. Bear Cruise 2016

Submitted by Will DuBois


4th place. My Day in 30 Seconds

Submitted by Nina Takamoto


2016 Winners

1st place: Sam Taylor


2nd place: William DuBois 


3rd place: Brandon Palompo 

2015 Winners

1st place: Emily Walker

2nd place: Erik Hanson


3rd place: Tanner Franklin


4th place: Patrick Dackins